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Gasoline additive - Benzin Additive (1L)

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•    Prevents ignition caused by fuel loss
•    Effectively protects fuel tank from corrosion
•    Optimizes combustion due presence of high – activity catalysts
•    Cleans fuel tank, fuel system, injection pump, carburetor, spray nozzles, air inlets, valves, piston rings and combustion chamber from sediments, resin and solid lacquer deposits   
•    Does not impact octane number
•    Extends catalyst lifetime
•    Prevents foaming and bacteria growth
•    Reduces fuel consumption and harmful substances exhaust (soot, HC, CO, NOx)

As a gasoline additive, it can be used in all 4-stroke gasoline engines, all types of cars, small household appliances such as chainsaws, lawn mowers, lawn tractors, brush cutters, aggregates, etc.  

To use fuels before every priming, in the correlation indicated on packing.

1 Liter per 1000 liters of fuel (1: 1000) 

Gasoline additive - Benzin Additiv is a multifunctional combination of biologically active substances that contributes combustion optimization, reduce fuel consumption, wear protection, cleaning, protects fuel tank from corrosion and stabilizes octane number.