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Windigo Baltic

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Sprays WINDIGO AquaStop Spray (200ml)

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•    100% guaranteed humidity expulsion
•    High dielectric low temperatures resistance
•    Restores working capacity of humidity harmed elements.
•    Short circuits and damage prevention
•    Current leakage decrease significantly surpasses indication of glass and porcelain.
•    Multiple life extension of metallic products and devices.
•    Effective energy-resource usage
•   The products have proven effectiveness in protecting from humidity,water, dampness, water air humidity, water condensate, splashes, acidrain, chlorinated water, salt water, break of water pipes, floodingdetails and devices.


•    Metal, conductive elements and electronic parts portion from contact with humidity.  
•    Innovative leader in protection from humidity and corrosion
•    The only substance in the world that absolutely expels humidity for 100%.
•    Designed by leading European laboratories under the basis of nano-technologies.

Approximately80% equipment and electronic systems malfunction in a result of harmfulhumidity influence? Humidity leads to corrosion formation. Apart fromthat, the leakage current may appear in conditions of insufficientisolation and contamination of current-carrying objects of electricnetworks. To repair drenched with water electronic equipment enterprisespay hundreds million euros annually.

Electro protection - WINDIGO AquaStop Spray

Nano protection – WINDIGO AquaStop Electric is absolute protection from humidity, corrosion, current leakage for metallic, electrical and electronical details, and devices, engines and equipment.