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Windigo Baltic

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Universal Multi-Cleaner concentrate

  • Product Code: WINDIGO Universal Multi-Cleaner (1000 ml) concentrate
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Mix with water following instructions below:

Dirtiness type                                                      Mixture proportion

The most severe contamination:
- greasy (partially greasy) oils (petroleum)
- mineral, animal, vegetable oil                          100%

Severe contamination:
- greasy (partially greasy) oils (petroleum)
- mineral, animal, vegetable oil                            20%

- Average contamination                                         5%
- Light contamination                                               3%
- Cleanness maintenance                                       1%

Is used at:

•    Households.
•    Hotels restaurants.
•    Kitchens, eateries.
•    Transport enterprises and organizations.
•    Painting and varnish factories.
•    Bakeries and confectionary.
•    Meat processing and fishing industry factories.
•    Joinery and locksmith's workshops.
•    Industrial and craft enterprises.
•    Enterprises producing synthetic materials, boats, yachts, steamship, etc.
•    Car washes.
•    Hospitals, dental and veterinary clinics.
•    Livestock and equestrian organizations.
•    Hairdressing salons.
•    Sanitary and hygienic premises.
•    Steam jet devices with a dispenser.

Terms of use:

•    Hotels restaurants, kitchens and eateries. For all surfaces and all you need to clean.
•    Indoor cleaning You will save a lot of money and time. Nicotine, grease and even the oldest stains disappear instantly. Carpets, furniture covers will be like new. You will find reasons for use of Multi-Cleaner in any premises.
•    Painting and varnishing. With Multi-Cleaner you will no longer need neither alkaline solution or ammonia nor wetting agent.
•    Bakeries and confectionary. Multi-Cleaner – one of a kind solution that is safe for food products, and possesses very good disinfecting properties.
•    Meat processing and fishing industry. Multi-Cleaner can be applied to machine tools, tiles, glass, plastic surfaces, skewers for smoking, washing machines, etc.
•    Joinery and locksmith's workshops. Removes dust and grease from any metallic, plastic or glass surfaces. Removes carbon deposits, PU foam residues; stains from lacquered and lined wooden surfaces, carpeting and upholstered furniture.
•    Industrial and craft enterprises Multi-Cleaner possesses 100 % ability to remove grease. You will not need any additional cleanser.
•    Synthetic material. Multi-Cleaner perfectly fits for any plastic surfaces, windows, doors, computers etc.
•    Boats, yachts, steamships etc. Multi-Cleaner perfectly fits for GRP surfaces, galley, engine room or for cleaning painted surfaces.
•    Cars, pre-owned cars preparation for selling. From the roof to the rim of the wheel - Multi-Cleaner!
•    Doctors, dentists, vets. Multi-Cleaner is a good disinfector, lacks of smell and therefore is suitable for cleaning any premises. In dental clinics it can be used for tinctures for gums caused stains, stains from cement for crowns cementation and other solutions` removal. Vets cans Multi-Cleaner for removal of different stains.
•    Animals and equipment. Multi-Cleaner can be used, for example, for cages, containers, boxes, aquariums, rocks, glass and carpet cleaning. 
•    Hairdressing salons. With no effort you will be able to remove stains of hair colour, tinted balms from uniforms, scarfs, lacquered surfaces, leather, floor, etc. Also suitable for cleaning hair curlers and removing hair fixator from all types of surfaces. 
•    Equestrianism. Used to clean saddles, remove grease and mold, clean dishes, hooves, strollers, upholstery, etc.

High quality and save concentrated cleanser suitable for any type of surfaces.

•    Is a subject of 99,8% biological decay
•    Without smell.
•    Not acrid.
•    Does not leave stains and traces during cleaning.
•    10 times more effective than ordinary cleanser
•    Does not contain acids, phosphates, solvents or other excipients.
•    Possesses antibacterial property.



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