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Windigo Baltic

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Transmission oils WINDIGO ATF 6000 (5L)

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Technical characteristics:

Плотность, кг / м³ +15 ° С907
Вязкость, мм² / с (сСт) +40 ° С37,0
Вязкость, мм² / с (сСт) +100 ° С7,5
Индекс вязкости176
Температура вспышки ° C, (СОС)176
Температура застывания, ° С-48

In accordance with requirements of:


EcoUniversal Oil Package is an additive for lubricative oils that does notcontain solid particles, can be used for all types of engines,hydraulic systems, manual and automatic transmissions and servomotor.Has neutral behavior in mineral and synthetic engine oils, hydraulicsystems (HLP), and mineral, polysynthetic oils for automatictransmissions (ATF).

By virtue of ability to form solid layerthat protects from wearing, it prevents direct contact, welding, andcorrosion of metallic parts. Ensures roughness evening of metallicsurfaces and unachievable before anti abrasive property that reduceswearing. The additive helps significantly increase lifetime of devicesand mechanisms. Exploitation expenditures are decreasing and power isincreasing. Energy conversion efficiency is also increased, which isachieved due to decreased friction and heat release.

Metallicparts movement towards each other always causes wearing. The wearing isthe outcome of friction; oil application can only partially prevent it.In case of observation of surface that is perceived completely evenunder the microscope in reality resembles dissected by gorges mountainlandscape. Therefore, all engine and industrial equipment movable partswear out during exploitation. Parts` edges move against each other, as aresult, friction temperatures up to 1800 С appears in micro areas.Under such high temperatures edges of metallic parts weld together,which causes solid connection, this in turn causes metallic edges tobreak off, consequently it leads to wearing off and shavings formation.Surface become more rough.
Eco Universal Oil Package chemically bindswith metallic surfaces` molecules and forms new microscopicmonomolecular protective layer, which prevents wearing of metallicdetails under friction. In result evening of all surface decreaseswearing, it leads to unique unachieved before work quality under extremeloads. After smoothing the surface, it ensures practically perfectliquid friction state, almost completely avoiding dry, boundary andmixed friction (for example, when starting cold engine, excessive loadsand high rotation speed). The most ideal conditions for surface areformed that allows mechanisms to work without friction and wearing.Refinement of surfaces is taking place.

                                                   Additive work process ECO-Universal Oil Package

Transmission oi - WINDIGO ATF 6000

Premium quality liquid transfer corresponds to the highest requirements and can be used in automatic transmissions with hydro-transformer or wet clutches and control systems.

Windigo ATF 6000 superfluid possesses excellent viscosity temperature properties, protection and ensures lubrication properties even under low temperature. Oxidation resistant, increased foam – suppressing and anti-wear properties. Forms stable oily membrane under extreme load, ensures minimal wearing during all exploitation time.

Corresponds to new specifications of DEXRON® VI and is combined with previous specifications of Dexron®. Windigo ATF 6000 is extra fluid, and corresponds to the newest GM-specifications DEXRON® VI and interacts with previous Dexron® specification oils. Windigo ATF 6000 super fluid possesses excellent fluidity under low temperature, heightened thermic and accidation stability and increases lifetime duration oil and clutch.