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Windigo Baltic

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Oil stop leak additive WINDIGO Oil-Stop

  • Brand: Windigo
  • Product Code: WINDIGO Oil-Stop (250ml)
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•    Gasoline, diesel and gas engines.
•    Manual and automatic transmission (including variator, DSG etc.).
•    Transfer cases, drivetrains, differentials.
•    Engines and vet motorcycle clutches
•    Hydraulic power steering.
Shake the bottle before use


1. Add WINDIGO Oil-Stop to the engine oil 3-5% of the oil volume.
2. Start the engine and let it work at idle for 10 minutes.
3. Proceed to usual vehicle exploitation.

Manual transmission:
Add WINDIGO Oil-Stop to transmission oil to the engine oil 3-5% of the oil volume.

Transfer cases, drivetrains, differentials: 
  Add WINDIGO Oil-Stop to transmission oil to the engine oil 3-5% of the oil volume.
•    Restores seals that are frayed due to usual wearout.
•    Protects loose seals from
•    Safely consolidates and fully prevents environmentally harmful oil leakages.
•    Reduces oil utility due to valve thickness restoration (restores valves of sealing glands).
•    Eliminates blue exhaust gases.
•    Reduces oil utility.

 Oil rubber seals with the lapse of time lose their elasticity, shrivel and become loose. The shrivel is caused by high engine and transmission temperature. Once seals lose their properties, leakage takes place, that can drip on the ground, combustion chamber (through valve stem seals), leave stains on car linkages surface. 

WINDIGO Oil-Stop does not influence properties of the oil, penetrates rubber seals and, in 2h of interaction during mechanism exploitation, restores its elasticity and initial sizes. 

Hereafter renewed seal keeps oil within the mechanism and seal restitution is no longer required, taking into consideration that oil itself remains unchanged (same fluidity, viscosity and antiwear properties).

Oil-Stop is designed specifically to restore sealing and eliminate oil leakage in engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems, and industrial equipment. With the lapse of time, under oil and temperature influence, rubber seals lose their elasticity, shrinks in size, what in turn causes oil leaks. Oil gets to combustion chamber (which explains blue exhaust smoke appearance) and therefore leaks. Oil-Stop eliminates minor oil leaks, dripping, steeping. It is compatible with any of oil, does not change its physical properties, fluidity, and viscosity. The additive has an impact only on rubber seals - sealing gland, gaskets etc. It restores elasticity and restores rubber seals initial size.

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