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Windigo Baltic

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Injector cleaner WINDIGO Injector Cleaner (300ml)

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•   Removes oil carbon monoxide, deposits of resins and varnishes incombustion chambers, pistons, valves, nozzles, injection systems,carburetors, injectors and high pressure pumps (injection pump) 
•    Perfect sealing of piston rings, increasing compression
•    Increased engine power
•    Decreases fuel consumption and exhaust of harmful fumes
•    Increases lifetime

For car fuel:

Suitable for gasoline and diesel. Contents of the can is enough for 50l of fuel.

Attention:it is not recommended leave Injector Cleaner enriched fuel for long, ithas to be used in 1-3 days, afterwards its effectiveness decreases.

External application:
Fornozzles, injectors, pumps, carburetors and valves cleaning use inimmersive or ultrasonic baths in undiluted form. For removal of soot andoil deposits on valves of the exhaust manifold exhaust gasrecirculation systems.

Injector cleaner - WINDIGO Injector Cleaner

Injector and fuel system cleaner (Injector Cleaner) is highly effective combination of active components to clean gasoline and diesel engines` fuel system.
Is suitable for all carburetors and fuel injection systems of gasoline engines, for example K-, KE-, L-Jetronic and similar systems, and also fuel injection systems of diesel engines, such as CommonRail and unit injector systems. Does not harm exhaust gases neutralization systems: catalytic converters, compressed filers and catalysts of selective restoration.