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Engine Cleaner WINDIGO Motor-Cleaner (400ml)

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Terms of use:

Pour Motor-Cleaner into old engine oil 6-7% of total engine oil volume prior each oil.
Leaveengine working for 10-15 minutes. Change oil and filters according tomanufacturer`s instructions. Motor-Cleaner provides additionalprotection due to containing highly effective anti-wear components.

For severely contaminated engines:
Following engines are usually contaminated:
•    With mileage more than 100 000 km (with exploitation of any oils).
•    Usage of poor oil and/or fuel (with any mileage).
In case if there is a reason to believe that car engine is contaminated then Motor-Cleaner should be applied in following way:
•    Pour Motor-Cleaner in old oil.
•   Drive up to 50 km at calm speed. Ride should not be longer than 2h,consequently in between Motor-Cleaner application and oil change shouldnot pass more than 2h
•    Pour out engine oil, change filter.
•    Pour new engine oil.

Is used for:
•    All types of internal combustion engine
•    Manual transmissions
•    Differentials, transfer cases and drivetrain  
•    Improves compression
•    Reduces wearing
•    Decreases oil and fuel consumption
•    Compliance with allowed level of exhaust fumes
•    Increases engine power
•    Prolongs exploitation time of catalyst
•    Reduces hydraulic pusher noises
Motor-Cleanercontains specific substances that remove varnishes, carbon and oildeposits that are formed on the engine parts and transmission duringexploitation. The majority of deposits are formed in cylinder-pistongroup due to high temperatures.
What is the difference between Motor-Cleaner and ordinary “5-minutes” cleaners?

“5-minutes” contain cheap and poor solvents and acetones, which corrode rubber seals.
Motor-Cleanerinfluences only oil deposits and oil itself without harming seals andvalves, additionally Motor-Cleaner contains anti – wearing components,which are important in engine cleaning process. As cleaners dissolveoil, its deposits engine is left unprotected during the cleaningprocess. In virtue of anti-wearing components of Motor-Cleaner you canbe sure engine will be cleaned effectively and procedure will be 100%safe.

Additionally, Motor-Cleaner prepares engine beforeapplication of micro ceramic and universal oil additives, thereforeincreasing their effectiveness.

Car engine cleaner - WINDIGO Motor-Cleaner

Engine cleaner Motor-Cleaner is designed specifically for careful and maximally effective engine oil system cleaning from sediments that are formed on piston rings and gasket valve. Cleaning ensures compression and power restoration. It can be used alone or for before applying micro ceramic additives.

Engine cleaner (Motor-Cleaner) removes sediments, forming on oil repellant rings, piston rings and gasket valve due to engine oil calcination and carbonization. Neutralizes engine acid. Is used for all types of gasoline, diesel and gas engines, and also transmissions and differentials.