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Windigo Baltic

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Additives WINDIGO Micro-Ceramic Oil 5 (400ml)

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Instructions for use:
Shake the vial before use


1. Prepare new engine oil and oil filter according to recommendations of car manufacturer.
2. Heat the engine until operating temperature
3. Pour into engine the WINDIGO Motor-Cleaner.
4. Start the engine, keep it working for 15 minutes (up to 30 minutes in case of severe engine contamination)
5. Stop the engine and pour out old engine oil.
6. Change the oil filter
7. Shake thoroughly micro ceramic additive WINDIGO and pour it into the new engine oil, mix carefully.
8. Pour resulted mix into the engine.
9. Start the engine and let it work for 10 minutes (30 minutes for turbo engines).
10. Proceed with usual car exploitation.

Manual transmission:
Add 5% of micro ceramic WINDIGO additive out of the total transmission oil volume.

Transfer cases, drivetrains, differentials:
Add 5% of micro ceramic WINDIGO additive out of the total transmission oil volume.

Is used for:

•    Gasoline, diesel, gas engines ( is recommended to use in combination with   WINDIGO engine cleaner).
•    Manual transmissions
•    drivetrains, differentials and transfer cases exposed to intense exploitation
•    Engines and wet motorcycle clutches


•    Easily passes through any types of oil filters
•   Wearing protection of engine parts and transmission. Wearing timereduces at least 2 times (in comparison to the oil) or 1000 h ofexploitation.
•    Increased engine power, decreased consumption of oil, restores compressions.
•    Reduces engine noises and exhaust of harmful substances.
•    Improves anti- seize properties.
•    Decreases oil temperature in the engine.
•    Increases time of engine.
•    Reduces overall exploitation expenditures.

Shelf-life Unlimited

Microceramics is a combination of high-tech, the size solid ceramiclubricates` particles size is 0,0002 - 0,0015 microns. Micro ceramicmaterials possess unique lubricative properties.   The lowest frictioncoefficient among all solid substances. It can be added to oilderivatives that allows to use them individually. Micro ceramicsincreases modern engine and industrial oil effectiveness, and ensurestheir optimal quality, what in turn ensures engines` and industrialmachineries` longer lifetime and durability and contributes tosignificant energy savings.
Micro ceramics do not harm ordinaryengine and industrial oil additives. Therefore, it eliminates thepossibility of negative influence on basic oils or uncontrolled workflowunder extreme conditions. The substance is absolutely neutral; itcannot be considered as usual engine oil additive. With help of imagesbelow, the operating principle of micro ceramic lubricates isdemonstrated.

Parts wearing process under boundary and mixed friction using traditional lubricates

Incase of observation of surface that is perceived completely even underthe microscope in reality resembles dissected by gorges mountainlandscape. Therefore, all engine and industrial equipment movable partswear out during exploitation. Parts` edges move against each other, as aresult, friction temperatures up to 1800 С appears in micro areas.Under such high temperatures edges of metallic parts weld together,which causes solid connection, this in turn causes metallic edges tobreak off, consequently it leads to wearing off and shavings formation.Surface become more rough.

Surface refinement and smoothing using micro ceramic lubricates 

Windigomicro ceramic particles cover metallic surfaces and is continuouslypresent during the process of oil circulation for protection. Roughnessevens out (flatten phase). Embraced load proportion of the surfaceincreases from 25% up to 75-85%. The particles are forming not onlyprotective layer, but is also constantly moving during the oilcirculation process. They work like shock absorbers and resembles ballsin the bearing. After smoothing the surface, it ensures practicallyperfect liquid friction state, almost completely avoiding dry, boundaryand mixed friction (for example, when starting cold engine, excessiveloads and high rotation speed).

Micro ceramic additive - WINDIGO Micro-Ceramic Oil

Oil additive containing micro dispersed ceramics for gasoline, diesel, gas engines and car transmissions. Micro ceramic additive WINDIGO is an exceptional combination of the most modern and high tech nano lubricities.

Restores and protects frictive metallic surfaces. Minute micro ceramic particles imbed into asperity of metallic surfaces, restore their properties and protects from wearing out. Is used for worn out engines, manual transmissions, drivetrains, differentials with the mileage starting from 60 000 km. restores compression, reduces oil and fuel consumption, reduces noises and vibrations. Eases engine start during winter. Protects from wearing during intense exploitation – during winter, absence of oil, driving is sport regime.