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Micro ceramic spray - WINDIGO Micro ceramic spray

  • Product Code: WINDIGO Micro ceramic spray (200ml)
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Operating principle:

Lubricate forms transparent, high pressure proof lubricative pellicle with good adhesive properties, do not drip under high temperature and preserves its lubricative properties.

Application area:

Is suitable for areas requiring transparent lubricate, for example, sliding roofs, door locks and hinges, windows, bicycles, children toys etc. prevents wearing and corrosion, water splash, salty water and temperature swing resistant.
When using for lubrication areas exposed to high loads, for example heavy windows, doors and gates, we recommend to apple several layers with time interval of 3-5 minutes. In this time period lubricative pellicle dries out after evaporation of propellant gas.

Instruction on treating car brake disks:

•    The most convenient time for treating is during the change of car tires (twice a year)
•    Apply micro ceramic spray on both sides of the brake discs.
•    Let it try for 10 minutes.
•    Attention! During the first driving time break strength will be slightly reduced, be careful. In several kilometers break function will get back to normal and discs will be protected.

Additional information:
Volume: 200 ml aerosol can with standard sprayer and separate sprayer with extended tube.

Attention! Cannot be used in areas that are in close contact with food. 

Adhesive ceramic based lubricate spray Ceramic-Haftschmierstoff-Spray is highly effective adhesive lubricate spray containing solid ceramic lubricates, that can be used on any available lubricative points in the household, garden and household equipment, tools, cars. Can also be used also for hard-to-reach points of construction equipment, means of transport, other equipment, and bicycle and motorcycle chains.

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