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Windigo Baltic

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Injector cleaner - WINDIGO Injector Cleaner (300ml)

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For car fuel:

Suitable for gasoline and diesel. Contents of the can is enough for 50l of fuel.

Attention: it is not recommended leave Injector Cleaner enriched fuel for long, it has to be used in 1-3 days, afterwards its effectiveness decreases.

External application:
For nozzles, injectors, pumps, carburetors and valves cleaning use in immersive or ultrasonic baths in undiluted form. For removal of soot and oil deposits on valves of the exhaust manifold exhaust gas recirculation systems.

•    Removes oil carbon monoxide, deposits of resins and varnishes in combustion chambers, pistons, valves, nozzles, injection systems, carburetors, injectors and high pressure pumps (injection pump) 
•    Perfect sealing of piston rings, increasing compression
•    Increased engine power
•    Decreases fuel consumption and exhaust of harmful fumes
•    Increases lifetime

Injector and fuel system cleaner (Injector Cleaner) is highly effective combination of active components to clean gasoline and diesel engines` fuel system.
Is suitable for all carburetors and fuel injection systems of gasoline engines, for example K-, KE-, L-Jetronic and similar systems, and also fuel injection systems of diesel engines, such as CommonRail and unit injector systems. Does not harm exhaust gases neutralization systems: catalytic converters, compressed filers and catalysts of selective restoration.

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