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Windigo Baltic

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Fuel additive - Diesel Additiv (1L)

  • Product Code: WINDIGO Diesel Additive 1:1000 (1L)
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•    Prevents ignition caused by fuel loss
•    Effectively protects fuel tank from corrosion
•    Optimizes combustion due presence of high – activity catalysts
•    Cleans fuel tank, fuel system, injection pump, carburetor, spray nozzles, air inlets, valves, piston rings and combustion chamber from sediments, resin and solid lacquer deposits   
•    Does not impact
cetane number
•    Extends catalyst lifetime
•    Prevents foaming and bacteria growth
•    Reduces fuel consumption and harmful substances exhaust (soot, HC, CO, NOx)

To use fuels before every priming, in the correlation indicated on packing.

1 liter per 1,000 litres of fuel (1:1000)

Gasoline additive - Diesel Additive is a multifunctional combination of biologically active substances that contributes combustion optimization, reduce fuel consumption, wear protection, cleaning, protects fuel tank from corrosion and stabilizes cetane number.