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Double cleaning of engine parts and exhaust system elements from carbon deposits (cargo transport)

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The HHO 6.0 carbon cleaning machine consumes water by electrolysis into its components - pure hydrogen and oxygen. This gas mixture is referred to as HHO. When the engine is idling, HHO with a cleaner is fed into the combustion chamber through the air intake, where it is combusted with fuel to convert water vapor. The combination of hydrogen and oxygen enrichment creates conditions for the gentle burning of carbon from piston crowns, valves, other components and elements of the exhaust system with the formation of carbon dioxide and water vapor. In addition, the resulting water vapor cannot condense due to the high temperature. Thus, it effectively cleans the combustion chamber and exhaust system elements from the inside with steam without dismantling.
This is a simple and safe process that does not require the dismantling of engine parts and exhaust system components or the use of chemicals. We recommend using the HHO 6.0 Carbon Cleaner for carbon cleaning as part of your vehicle's regular maintenance schedule.
Carbon removal will restore lost engine performance, prevent costly replacement of engine parts and exhaust system components, restore power and compression, reduce oil and fuel consumption, reduce engine vibration, significantly reduce harmful emissions into the environment, and also, thanks to HHO cleaner, create a protective layer on details to prevent re-deposition of carbon. carbono.
HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent is a nano liquid cleaner, a non-corrosive, non-flammable, 100% safe liquid, used to enhance the carbon cleaning effect, protect the engine and parts, and extend their service life. The cleaning efficiency is increased by more than 30%. The cleaner forms a protective layer on the surface of the engine's combustion chamber and other parts to prevent re-deposition of carbon.
HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0 + HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent - cleans engine parts and exhaust system, including DPF, catalytic converter, EGR, etc., which is not only possible with carbon cleaners containing HHO gas.

Service - Double cleaning of engine parts and exhaust system elements from carbon deposits is provided in the - Krumu 11/13, Liepaja, 3405, Latvia.
Also, the service is provided throughout the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
You can calculate the cost of the service from the road to the client by placing the product in the basket by clicking on the Buy product button, then Go to the Cart and calculate the cost.
Before you make an order, please contact us by e-mail or phone +371 2 565 90 95 (Call/Viber/WhatsApp/Telergram) to agree on the place and time of the service. 

Carbon buildup leads to costly problems with engine internals and exhaust system components such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves, diesel particulate filters (DPF), catalytic converter, turbo problems, intake manifold, injectors, spark plugs, pistons – piston rings, etc.
Double cleaning with an HHO machine and HHO cleaner will remove carbon deposits (carbon buildup) from internal engine parts and exhaust system components in just 40 minutes without opening the engine and dismantling parts. The whole procedure with the connection takes no more than 50 minutes.

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