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Additives to fuel WAGNER Heating Oil Additiv 1:3000

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Invirtue of increased speed of reaction under carbon and oxygencombustion up to CO2, significant decrease of unburned particles withsimultaneous release of oxygen is achieved. As a result, there is apossibility to reduce air excess under the same amount of solidadmixtures leads to:

•    More efficient use of energy.
•    More positive indicators of harmful substances oxidation.
•    Overall decrease residual combustion products.
•    Reducing the harmful impact on the environment.


•    Improved combustion, decreases exhaust of CO, HC, NOх.
•    Reduced soot formation during combustion.
•    Energy conversion efficiency is increased and fuel heat energy is converted more easily and efficiently.
•   Ideal indicators of exhausts, as amount of CO significantly decreases(harmful impact is neutralized, that usually is caused by fuelcomponents - Sulphur, sodium and vanadium).

Suitable for cleaning heating systems

Add to storage tanks or through a metering system in the supply lines.
Dosage: 250ppm wt/wt Mass concentration = Mixture proportions 1: 3000

Mixing ratio in new systems 1: 3000
Mixing ratio in old systems 1: 1000 - 1: 2000

Attention! The additive is not suitable for low sulfur heating systems and condensing oils.

Heating Oil Additiv

Combustion catalyst for heavy fuel oils

Additive for HFO oils is multifunctional combination of active components combining iron and magnesium together with asphaltene dispersant for combustion optimization, cleaning, protecting from corrosion and improve flammability.