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Lubricants WAGNER High-Pressure Long-Life Grease LI 200 (400g)

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Inclassic cars WAGNER High-Pressure Long-Life Grease LI 200 Micro-Ceramicsuits ideally for amortization bearing strut, propeller shaft, steeringcolumn, hub lubrication, when PTFE lubrication effect is required.

Produced out of 100% mineral oil. Without acids and harmful substances.  

Area of application:

- Rolling bearings, sliding bearing under high pressure and temperature
- Threaded spindles
- Sliding bearings, rollers, hinges, couplings

Lubricant - LI 200 Micro-Ceramic

Long-lasting adhesive LL 200 Micro-Ceramic lubricant

High quality waterproof lubricant easily can hold high pressure load. Contains of micro ceramic particles for long term bearings rolling and sliding under extreme load with high humidity. High amount of solid lubricant Micro-Ceramic material content decreases friction and guarantees high lubrication indicators under extreme load. In virtue of waterproof, WAGNER High-Pressure Long-Life Grease LI 200 Micro-Ceramic can perform variety of tasks under sea water contact conditions.