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Additive for two-stroke engines

  • Product Code: WAGNER 2 TAKT POWER-MIX (100ml)
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Pour additive for two-stroke engines Power-Mix into fuel tank before fueling.  в топливный бак перед заправкой. 100 ml of additive is enough for 20 l of gasoline.

Is not suitable for fuel containing nitromethane. 

Avoid overdose.
Overdose leads to rapid temperature growth in the combustion chamber. 

•    Wear reduction
•    Increase of rotation number and maximum speed.
•    Capacity increase
•    Fuel consumption reduction
•    Safe under the full load exploitation
•    Reduces carbon deposits
•    Cleaning exhaust system from oil
•    Increase the cleanliness of fuel combustion and reduce oiling
•    Increasing engine`s lifetime

Additive for two-stroke engines Power-Mix – is a combination of antiwear additives, combustion activators, active cleaning and anticorrosive components for the capacity optimization and ensuring engine cleanness.