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Windigo Baltic

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About Us

WAGNER company is modern German producer of lubricants and additives to them, which has acquired popularity and acknowledgment around the world.  In the CIS market WAGNER products are known under INDIGO and WINDIGO brands since 1994. Company takes leading positions in its market sphere and is products are actively used by world manufacturers of automotive and production equipment.

Wagner Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH & Co specializes in innovative lubricants and modern technical chemistry. While majority of competitors simplifies formulas of their oils and additives chasing low costs and acquiring mass consumer, Wagner strives set a quality bar basing on needs of professionals, those people, who know what they need.

Wagner is invited to enterprises asking to solve variety of technical wearing issues. It practically guarantees solution within shortest terms. He owes more than 500 developments that can solve any issue related to friction and wearing.
The greatest success in his technology promotion is development and implementation anti-friction additive to non-separable transmissions when assembling Mercedes cars. Now WAGNER production is used around the world in big industrial companies and also in everyday life by tens of thousands ordinary car owners.